Blackhawks kick butt at the All-Star Game

And now the song is stuck in your head, too.

The NHL threw a little party in Raleigh, North Carolina this weekend called the All-Star Game. And, to be honest, it was a good time! It was especially fun for Blackhawks fans, since we got to see four of our best players do what they do best. Check out these stats:

For Team Lidstrom (who won the game 11-10):
Jonathan Toews: 1 goal and 2 assists
Patrick Kane: 1 assist
Duncan Keith: 1 assist (and a minus-3  — but let’s just ignore that for now)

And of course, Patrick Sharp, the lone Blackhawk (despite what Columbus might want) on Team Staal, had 1 goal, 2 assists, and a brand-new car as the All-Star Game MVP! Remember, he wasn’t even on the All-Star ballot this year, but that wasn’t his primary motivation to do well in the game, according to his press conference afterward. He just wanted to play well in front of his parents, who had to go the extra mile to see their youngest son play in his first All-Star Game:

I didn’t want to let them down. Their flight got canceled out of Newark, so they met some people here in Raleigh and jumped in a minivan and drove from midnight to 8:00 a.m. just to get here to watch the game.

He went on to say that his brother and his father would be fighting over the new car.

Check out that very handsome MVP.

After the game, Sharpy and Blackhawks TV put together a video thank-you to the fans who voted him MVP.

I’m glad that the rest of the NHL world could see what great players we have in Chicago — especially Patrick Sharp. (Because let’s be honest — anyone on the Blackhawks not named Jonathan Toews or Patrick Kane needs a little more love from the NHL at large, am I right?) It was awesome to see the cream of the crop of the hockey world come together to play a glorified game of shinny, away from the pressures of winning games and point standings. The NHL set out to have a game that was more fun for viewers and players alike, and I believe they accomplished that.

(However, the less said about the Guardian Project, the better. Really, Stan Lee?)

Let’s do this again next year in Ottawa! Anyone up for a road trip?


10 thoughts on “Blackhawks kick butt at the All-Star Game

  1. talkendo

    Congrats to you and the whole G9sports team! Looking forward to seeing what all of you have to offer.

    And you’re the SECOND person to get that song in my head in the past week. Thanks.

    1. Kat Velez Post author

      Thanks, man. Hope I don’t let you down.

      And it’s all Hockey Broad’s fault for getting the song stuck in MY head in the first place, so blame her!

  2. sensdew19

    haha awesome song to get stuck on anyways!

    Great stuff, was really entertained by the Hawks: Toews and his awesome (borderline awkward) seriousness, Kane looking clueless alongside St Louis and Lidstrom in the draft, Duncan Teeth’s general epicness and of course Sharp’s charm! Hope we do an even better job in Ottawa next year!

    1. Kat Velez Post author

      Well, you guys in Ottawa have a lot to live up to, if this year was any indication. If you can figure out a way to have a tailgate party with amazing BBQ, you’ve already won half the battle.

  3. moongirlnow

    Great job Kat! I’m looking forward to all your future posts.
    …and thanks for the search of that song that I’m going to begin as soon as I hit submit comment button. hahaha :o/


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