Off-day Shenanigans: Blackhawks Toy Story

Oh yes. I went there.

As I’ve already mentioned before, the Blackhawks have been forced on the road because Disney On Ice has taken over the United Center for the next week and a half. This year’s Disney On Ice theme is “Toy Story 3.” (I’m guessing they made the ice at the United Center from the tears of the children and adults that went to see the movie.) So, with that in mind, I’d like to ask all of you a question:

Which Blackhawk would be which Toy Story 3 character?

As you can tell from the Photo-chop above, I think Jonathan Toews would be Woody (neurotic leader-type) and Patrick Kane would be Buzz (delusional space cadet). But what about Patrick Sharp? Duncan Keith? Drop me your answers in the comments. I’ll make Photo-chops of my favorites!


12 thoughts on “Off-day Shenanigans: Blackhawks Toy Story

    1. Kat Velez Post author

      Of course Sharp would be the Ken doll. Haha. And Duncan Keith as Mr. Potato Head is a little too perfect.

  1. hjammered

    Troy Brouwer would have to be the Slinky Dog on account of his beagle love and all. Also his loyalty and bravery in a crisis…


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