Today’s Headlines: The Snow Day Edition

The scene outside my window.

Before I wait for the lake effect snow to end and then attempt to dig a tunnel to the car, here are some Blackhawks-related articles from around the web:

Here’s a nice little story about Jim Cornelison, the Blackhawks’ anthem singer. (

According to Jesse Rogers, The Blackhawks were snowed in last night. They’re practicing at Nationwide Arena in Columbus before they attempt to fly back to Chicago. (ESPN Chicago)

Here are the post-game videos from CSN Chicago: Joel Quenneville, Marty Turco, Jonathan Toews

I know that the results of this CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada/NHLPA poll have gotten around the web, but here are some Blackhawks-relevant results:

  • The Blackhawks ranked second (tied with the Vancouver Canucks) as the team players would most like to play on.
  • The United Center ranked third as the favorite rink players like to play in.
  • Coach Q ranked fifth as the coach players would most like to play for.
  • Duncan Keith was ranked fifth as the toughest defenseman to play against and fourth as the league’s best skater.
  • Jonathan Toews was ranked fourth as the active player they would select to start a franchise.
  • Patrick Sharp was ranked as the third most underrated player.

2 thoughts on “Today’s Headlines: The Snow Day Edition

  1. jayc4life

    The amount of times Patrick Sharp gets labelled as under-rated should be reason enough to not call him under-rated any more.

    It’s said so often about him now that surely that must mean he’s rated now, right? I’m glad that everyone’s finally taking notice of the guy (and not just for his looks either), so surely he should be just plain ol’ “rated mid-high” at this point?

    1. Kat Velez Post author

      It’s the same thing that happened to Duncan Keith last year — SO many people called him underrated that he just became… rated.

      It kind of makes me wonder who on the Blackhawks will be the next underrated player. I’m putting my money on Troy Brouwer. Or maybe Bryan Bickell.


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