Today’s Headlines: The Incredibly Rushed Edition

Leaving on a jet... train.

I have a train to catch in about 45 minutes. Here are your freakin’ headlines!

Turco is getting his second start in a row in Vancouver tonight. According to Coach Q:

“I would love both goalies playing great night in and night out. … I would love to make tough decisions like that.”

Looks to me as if he wants to give Turco a chance to be a true backup goalie instead of a glorified bench warmer. (ESPN Chicago)

Hossa is hoping he can stay healthy and produce for the Blackhawks after a random bout of vertigo kept him out for a game. This came after he was out 10 games earlier this season due to an unfortunate collision with Nick Boynton in practice. (Chicago Tribune)

Out of Vancouver, we have this headline: Blackhawks just refuse to go away. (The Province)

Here’s a nice little piece about Bryan Bickell fitting into the Blackhawks’ “family.” It talks about his struggles with consistency and how the Blackhawks’ therapist helped him overcome this. (Vancouver Sun)


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