Today’s Headlines: The Post-Super Bowl Hangover Edition

Oh great. I've become one of THOSE hockey fans. (Image from

Yes, I watched the Super Bowl. No, it doesn’t mean that I’m highly interested in handegg football any more. Hockey destroys your ability to enjoy a sport with so much “hurry up and wait” action. However, I do enjoy hanging out with friends, especially when there is free beer offered. 

Anyway. Here are your incredibly late headlines for today. Apologies all around. 

Tonight’s game against the Flames is an important one, as they are both battling for a playoff spot. Calgary has gotten at least one point in their last 12 of 13 games. Let’s hope the Blackhawks can put an end to that tonight. (CBC) 

Despite the inconsistency of their play this season, the Blackhawks aren’t letting that get them down. Patrick Kane says as much: 

“It almost seems like the playoffs right now, even though there’s 30 games left. There has to be some veteran leadership from what we went through last year. In 11th place today, you can all sit around and panic, but I don’t think that’s the kind of group we have.”

Let’s hope that these guys can pull their heads out of their — er, let’s just hope for two points tonight. (Calgary Herald) 

At the end of this article is a postscript about Patrick Sharp winning All-Star MVP. When he won the car, he mentioned that his father and his brother would be fighting over it. His brother, Chris, won out. (Toronto Sun) 

Jesse Rogers talks of the second line’s struggles this season. As he says at the end of the article, going after a true second or third-line center before the trade deadline would make a lot of sense, especially now that Bolland has shaken off his first-half slump and returned to the scoring sheet. (ESPN Chicago)

Like everyone else in the Western Conference who isn’t on the Avalanche, the Blackhawks have mixed feelings about Peter Forsberg returning to the Avalanche. As Turco explains:

“It’s great to see Fozzie Bear back. I’d love to see flashes of the old brilliance that he brought to this league — and to that team — for many years. From the outside looking in, I think it’s a great thing. If he’s healthy and he can get after it, I wish him all the best…. For us, it’s not the most welcome news. But our club is probably indifferent. We feel that our destiny is in our control, regardless of what others do. We just feel that strongly about our group.”

Patrick Sharp also talks about how excited he is to see Forsberg return, even if it does make the Avalanche a more dangerous team down the final stretch. (Calgary Herald)

And finally, The Blackhawks and Meijer are teaming up to offer you a chance to win an invite to their Hockey 101 clinic.

The Hockey 101 Package includes:

– A chance for the winner and one guest to attend a hockey clinic hosted by the Blackhawks Director of Youth Hockey, Anne Camins and a Blackhawks alumnus. The clinic will take place at a Meijer retail store location, as determined by the Chicago Blackhawks and Meijer;

– A Chicago Blackhawks gift bag

See the article for more details. (TribLocal)


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