Fluffy Like Seabrook’s Hair: The Hossas are expecting!

Because it’s not all hard-hitting journalism in the hockey world. Sometimes you just need to slow down and appreciate the fluff.

At least Hossa isn't having problems scoring at home. ...I'm so ashamed of myself for making that joke. (Image: HockeyBroad | Flickr)

According to this article, Marian Hossa and his wife, Janka, are expecting their first child.

I think.

I mean, it’s in Slovak, so I went to Google Translate. This is what it spat out at me:

Hockey star Marian Hossa (32) survives, together with his wife Janka (26) months of the most beautiful in your life. Attacker to Chicago in June last year fulfilled a great dream sports – won the Stanley Cup in July, got married and our latest newspaper confirmed information that the father!

“Yes, it’s true. We are waiting babo and very much look forward, ” told us happy news in my life Slovak hockey player. “My wife Jane is the third month of pregnancy. But this is all what you on this subject now say, ” continued future father. Half star striker has complied with the request, after which nearly every woman desires. Last June, shortly after the wedding ceremony Trencin square is raised the following words: “I hope the year will be another reason to celebrate,” which apparently met with that would like to become pregnant. And she even met!

Step by step

Pupil Trencin hockey was apparently decided that all important steps in my life realized after his thirties. First, last year won the Stanley Cup dream with Chicago, he married a month and now revealed that the father will soon. Whether Karl will bear in Slovakia, or overseas, Hossovci want to share.

Not yet know the sex of her first child, to become aware until a few weeks. It is certain that the family Hossovcov it will be the first grandchild. Marian’s brother Marcel is in fact still free.

Uh. Yeah, that could kinda suggest that they’re having a child. I guess. Fortunately, my friend L. (@CaptainMVP on Twitter) is sort of a polyglot and was able to get the quotes from Marian translated for me:

“Yes, it’s true. We are expecting a baby and looking forward to it.”… “My wife Janka is in her third month of pregnancy. This is all I will say on the topic right now.”

So, now that I can understand what the hell is going on — congratulations to Marian Hossa and his wife! Let’s hope Stan Bowman tenders an entry-level contract to the kid at his or her Christening. Got to keep thinking about the future of the franchise, after all!


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