Breaking News: Chris Campoli Joins The Blackhawks

This guy. (Image: NHL)

Chris Campoli of the Ottawa Senators was traded to the Blackhawks for Ryan Potulny (who has been toiling in Rockford this year) and a conditional second-round draft pick. The Blackhawks also get a conditional seventh-round draft pick in return.

This trade probably would have not gone down if not for the news about Jordan Hendry today. According to Jesse Rogers of ESPN Chicago, it looks like Hendry is done for the time being with a serious knee injury, which he incurred in last night’s game against the Phoenix Coyotes. He was checked into the boards by Shane Doan less than three minutes into the third period and was helped off the ice.

My initial thoughts? Since Campoli is a replacement for Hendry, expectations are low. He’ll be the 6th defenseman, so as long as he can kind of skate and kind of keep the puck away from the net, we’ll be fine.

EDIT: It’s just as we feared — Hendry is out for the rest of the season. Here’s the official word from the Blackhawks’ head team physician, Dr. Michael Terry:

“Jordan injured his left knee last night during a collision into the boards and has sustained an ACL tear. He will undergo reconstructive surgery shortly and we anticipate a full recovery in approximately six months.”

The news breaks my heart a little — especially since he’s up for free agency in the summer. Who’s going to take a chance on a 6th d-man with a busted knee? Poor guy.


9 thoughts on “Breaking News: Chris Campoli Joins The Blackhawks

    1. Kat Velez Post author

      Except he very specifically wanted a defenseman who can eat up minutes on the penalty kill. Campoli isn’t that guy. He’s most definitely a Hendry replacement.

  1. butchcrassidy

    I can skate pretty well and I understand the concept of clearing the puck and blocking shots. Also, I have a decent wrister and the ladies love me. Do you think I could maybe be a smaller version of Buff? I refuse to be a d-man, though.

  2. talkendo disagrees to the tune of 1:41/gm. He’s a guy who CAN do it.
    I think he can fit in that rotation. If he maintains that 1:41/gm, that’s time Keith/Seabs/Campbell don’t have to.

    1. Kat Velez Post author

      I think it’s more than he’s been forced to do it, because, well — look at where he’s playing. Ottawa is terrible. We’ll see if he’ll keep up that pace. Keeping my expectations low until proven otherwise.

      1. talkendo

        I intend to keep my expectations low. Problems with PK extend FAAAR beyond picking up a defenseman. We’re not using the same system, nor are we as aggressive as last year.
        If he can soak up some of Keith/Seabs minutes ANYWHERE it’ll be a boon.

        Go back and look at Cooke’s (ugh) SHG in the Pittsburgh game. THAT’s the kind of shit we pulled last year. They need to loop tape of the kills we pulled at end of regular season and playoffs last year. We need to get farther out on the points; they get ALL the time in the world to set up. Some competent shot-blocking and rebound-clearing would help, too.


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