History Will Be Made… Again

It's back.

Last year, the NHL hit paydirt with their “History Will Be Made” campaign. The commercials won awards at the inaugural PromaxBDA Sports Media Marketing Awards and inspired countless parodies during the playoffs last year. This year, the NHL hopes that they can inspire a similar response with the revival of this campaign. Here are the first four commercials. The first two are Blackhawks-centric, while the last two are more general.

If you’re a soft touch like me, they’re all sure to leave a lump in your throat.

If you’re inspired to make your own “History Will Be Made” commercial, the NHL has made the music available on their Facebook page.


3 thoughts on “History Will Be Made… Again

      1. talkendo

        They could at LEAST have kept Wideman’s self corrected “juking his way to the right..lower left corner”
        Couldn’t they?
        It SOUNDS like everyone KNEW it was a goal, which is so totally not true. Which is and was the complete gloriousness of the whole thing.


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