Running Amok: We’re Looking For Contributors

When I started “Runs On Duncan” a month and a week ago, I had a simple goal in mind — cover the Blackhawks. That’s it. And it’s been fun, because I love my team through all its ups and downs even in the month that I’ve been covering them.

So, now, I want to branch out a little bit.

Now, you guys already know that I have my awesome pinch-hitting contributor, Hannah (and if you didn’t, well — there you go). I’m definitely not looking for a replacement for her. Trust me, you will never be as good at dropping everything and throwing together a game-day preview because I forgot as she is. (Not that I’ve ever done this to her — eh-heh, um… look over there! /runs)

What I am doing is is bringing in more people to talk about different facets of the Blackhawks, as well as expanding our coverage to other Chicago-area teams — the Chicago Wolves and the Chicago Express. To this end, I have brought on my friend Leiram to bring us the weekly Rockford IceHogs news — but I’m still looking for other writers. This is what I’m looking for:

Stats Wonk(ette): Now I can talk stats. I love stats. What I can’t do as a writer is take those stats and write a compelling article about them. If you’re seriously into stats and can create an article around them, you’d be perfect as our Stats Wonk(ette).

Prospects writer: Do you keep up with the prospects in the Blackhawks system? Want to write about them? This position is for you!

Chicago Wolves writer: I know, I know — the Wolves are not affiliated with the Blackhawks. (If you’re wondering, they’re the AHL affiliate of the Atlanta Thrashers.) However, to ignore them is to ignore a big portion of the Chicago hockey audience. Therefore, I would like to bring on a writer who will write weekly updates on the Wolves, as well as special pieces about them.

Chicago Express writer: Now this is a unique situation. The Chicago Express is an ECHL team that will not start playing until next season. I’m hoping to bring you updates as they come in about this team, but if you feel like you can do a better job writing about this brand-new team to the Chicago area — by all means, feel free to submit a writing sample.

Guest contributors: If you don’t feel as if you fit any of the above, but you still want to write for “Runs On Duncan,” I will accept guest contributions to the site on a case-by-case basis.

If you’re interested in any of the above positions, please send in a writing sample to and label it with what position you’re writing for. If you’re writing for a specific position, I’m looking for a sample that shows that not only you can write, but you know what you’re writing about.


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