Gratuitous Picture Post: Why I’ll Never Hate Turco

Image: TheShortSide/via Twitter

Marty Turco was dealt a bad lot here in Chicago. He gets let go from the Stars, the only team he’s ever played for, and signs to the Blackhawks as a chance to be with a winning team (as well as play for the same team as his hero, Tony Esposito). However, the team promptly forgets how to play in front of him early in the season, and he loses his starting goalie position to Corey Crawford.

Some guys would sulk and complain about this, and maybe they’d grow to resent the upstart kid. But, instead, Turco supports Crawford. Here’s what Coach Q had to say about this recently, according to the Sun-Times:

“He wants to play, but at the same time he’s been that type of guy who’s helping Corey every which way he can,” Quenneville said Wednesday. “Whether it’s supporting, the push or educating him, he’s going along with something he hasn’t been familiar with.”

Say what you want about Turco, but he’s a great teammate, and I’m proud to have him on my team.


11 thoughts on “Gratuitous Picture Post: Why I’ll Never Hate Turco

    1. Kat Velez Post author

      It’s like — okay, he didn’t come in and act as our goalie savior, but you know what? He’s a great teammate and a force for good in the locker room.

      1. alexisb82

        A former Lightning player.. who shall remain nameless.. once referred to Pierre as “a f**king turd” in my presence. True story.

        Ok, so it was after the last home game of the season and there was alcohol involved.

  1. Ann

    I love him just for the fact that he opened the bench door on Colaiacovo during a Blues/Hawks game. Cracked me right up. And I’m the BLUES fan. 🙂

  2. jayc4life

    I never got why our own fans would hate Turco. Why bother? He’s only here for a year, and he’s done his job well (breaking in Crawford as a #1 starter), and for relatively cheap money too. What’s there to hate?

    I definitely think his trolling’s helped win over a few fans in Chicago though. Ed Belfour definitely has had a hand in how he acts I reckon.


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