Meh: Blackhawks @ Vancouver Canucks Review

Blackhawks lose to the Vancouver Canucks 2-0.

Vancouver leads the series 1-0.



That wasn’t the most auspicious of starts.

However, in the past two playoff series against Vancouver, the Blackhawks lost the first game. So, it’s not like it’s the end of the world.

Even though the game was maddening in the first period for myself and probably other Blackhawks fans, the last two periods give me hope. Things seemed to settle down defensively (even if Duncan Keith sometimes acts like he’s working for the other team — seriously, Defending Norris Trophy Winner, get your shit together), and if it wasn’t for a couple of bad bounces, the game might have ended differently. All in all, I’m less upset by this loss than I thought I would be.

I’m just hoping for a little less pretty, and a little more gritty for the next game. Specifically, someone needs to figure out how to park themselves in front of Luongo. Dustin Byfuglien figured this out — probably because he was too lazy to move at first, and then he learned that this worked well for him. Troy Brouwer or Bryan Bickell or somebody needs to find their inner slug and just sit there in Luongo’s goal crease. Don’t join the rush. Don’t do anything else. Just sit there, and good things will come.


Box Score:

1st Period
07:03: VAN Chris Higgins (1) Tip-In – Assists: K. Bieksa (1) & R. Kesler (1)
10:23: VAN Jannik Hansen (1) Wrist Shot – Assists: M. Samuelsson (1)

2nd Period

3rd Period


Captain Force of Nature watch: -1, no points and 9-17 (53%) at the faceoff dot.

Duncan Keith plus/minus rating watch: -1. Again, why do I even keep track of this anymore — besides to prove some cockamamie theory that, when he does terribly, the entire team is off? GET IT TOGETHER. DAMN. You don’t, and I’m changing this site’s name to “Runs On Leddy” or something.

Coach Q face color watch: Brick red for a majority of the game. Not that I blame him.

Post-game quote from @TramyersCSN:

Brouwer on his last penalty: “That’s not smart on my part. I don’t want to cost my team like that.”

Quenneville on start: “They came at us in waves and we had no response.”

Brouwer: “We need to have a better start otherwise we’re going to be coming from behind this entire series.”


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