Gratuitous Picture Post: Duncan Montoya?

Since the invention of the Photoshop, there have been five Photoshops rated the most passionate, the most pure. This one left them all behind. The end.

I made this joke on Twitter last night during the game, so I figured it was worthy of the Photoshop treatment. It’s the truth, too — everyone’s noticed how well Duncan Keith has been playing since Brent Seabrook has been out:

“The sight of Duncan Keith on Thursday night — shoulder pads still strapped on with a championship belt on his bench and a fallen partner’s sweater hanging behind him — had everything to do with the sight of Duncan Keith on Sunday night. … The guy who took a puck to the mouth during the run to the Stanley Cup once again is showing his teeth in the postseason.” (Chicago Tribune)

“Maybe the Seabrook injury woke up Keith, but for whatever reason these last two games he has looked like the Keith of a year ago.” (Daily Herald)

“It has been a down season for the reigning Norris Trophy winner, but if he can keep playing like he has in the last two games, with a fire that seems borne out of anger and frustration regarding the injury to frequent defence partner Brent Seabrook, then the Blackhawks will have a chance to make a miraculous comeback, after being down three games to none in the series.” (TSN)

So, in a way, I’d like to thank Raffi Torres. You’ve finally gotten Duncan Keith to wake up from his season-long funk. Appreciate it, bro.


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