So The Blackhawks’ Season Is Over…

Image: Matt Lilek/flickr

What a long, strange trip this has been the past few months, huh?

When ROD started, the Blackhawks were in seventh place. They would slide all the way down to 11th before the last game of the regular season saw them backing into 8th place. (Let’s all thank our Minnesota overlords for this.) The fact that they took the Canucks — the President’s Trophy winner — to seven games is sort of mind-boggling to me, considering how inconsistent the rest of the season was.

After all that, am I disappointed that the Blackhawks are out of the playoffs? Not especially.

I’d like to shake the hand of my Canucks compatriot, Emily F. from Dekes and Dangles, for a great, crazy series. It sucks to be on this side of the handshake line, but after not even being sure the Blackhawks would be in the playoffs at the end of the regular season? I’ll take it.

I’d also like to thank you guys, the readers and commenters on ROD. You’re the best five readers/commenters a girl could ever have!

So, I figure that you’re thinking this is leading up to some sort of “ROD will be on hiatus during the summer” announcement, right?

Ha! Not a chance.

No, Runs On Duncan will be here just about every day during the summer. Even on my birthday (which is July 11th, if you wanted to know) — which is insanity dedication, my friends. Here is a small sample of what you’ll see here:

  • The first-ever Runs On Duncan Awards: In which we award the Blackhawks who deserve our praise — and make fun of the ones who don’t. Bonus: You get to vote on the winners! Or “winners,” as it were.
  • Top Ten In Ten Days: The top ten moments of the season as decided by our readers.
  • NHL Awards Live-Blog: In which we wonder how Snoop Dogg keeps getting invited.
  • NHL Draft Live-Blog: Because, with such a shallow draft pool this year, you’re going to need some levity.
  • July 1st – Free Agent Frenzy: It’s Hockey Christmas, suckas!
  • Blackhawks Convention coverage: Coming live from the technological sinkhole that is the Hilton Towers in Chicago. (I’ve never had any reason to hate a hotel before, but now I do. Dear God.) Expect updates from Starbucks during odd hours, since I refuse to pay $17(!) for internet access.
  • Prospect Camp coverage: Hopefully, no one gets hurt this time. Right, Kyle Beach?
  • Training Camp coverage: It’ll be difficult to watch a bunch of sweaty men work out, but these are the sacrifices I make for you guys.

…And much, much more!

Hopefully, you’ll stick with us during the first off-season here on ROD.


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