The Blackhawks Clean Out Their Lockers

And so, the Blackhawks begin their summer vacation a little earlier than last year.

But not before facing the media.

(The links will lead to the video on the Blackhawks website.)

Top priority to re-sign: EVERYONE.

Stan Bowman on…

Re-signing Crawford: “a top priority. It’s nice to know we’ll have stability in goal next season.”
NHL experience gained by the new kids this season: “There’s a lot of things to be excited about.”
Offseason priorities: “This summer is much different, fortunately, for us. We’re not in the crunch that we were in a year ago.”
Re-signing Sharp: “It’s no secret here — Patrick’s been a huge part of our success over the past four or five seasons.”
On Brouwer and Campoli: Brouwer: “His offensive production was down a little bit, but he was one of the more physical guys on the team.” Campoli: “It’s like he fit right in with the system we play here.”

Coach Q Color Watch: Peach

Joel Quenneville on…

Peak performance: “We felt we were making inroads there.”
Motivation: “I expect the excitement level to be there from the beginning of the season.”
On Hossa and the team needs: Hossa: “I think Hossa’s got a lot of good hockey in him.” Team needs: “Our middle is always an area that we felt we were depleted in this year.”
Toughness: “Being tougher to play against is an area we’d definitely like to be better.”
Raising the bar: “I think we should all expect more of each other.”

"You just gotta find ways to stay motivated and wanna win those games."

Year-end press conference: Jonathan Toews

"I'm proud to be a Blackhawk and I'd like to stay one."

Year-end press conference: Patrick Sharp

"Being in the playoffs is the funnest time of year." Yes, he said "funnest."

Year-end press conference: Duncan Keith

"It was a good year for me, I think." Understatement of the season.

Year-end press conference: Corey Crawford

"It was a long season." This might be the second understatement of the season.

Year-end press conference: Patrick Kane

"You didn't dream of drinking beer out of the Stanley Cup when you were five." Oh, Seabs.

Year-end press conference: Brent Seabrook

There was also a press conference with Niklas Hjalmarsson, but I can’t get it to load on my computer, so no screen shot from there. Sorry.


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