Breaking News: Frolik Joins Team Czech At The World Championships

Good luck, Frolik! (Image: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

As first reported to the English-speaking world by Mike Bradley on Twitter and confirmed on the IIHF website (with the headline “Czechs Ready To Frolik” — seriously), Michael Frolik is representing the Czech Republic in the 2011 IIFH World Championship. The championship takes place in Bratislava and KoÅ¡ice, Slovakia from now until May 15th. The Czech Republic is in Group D with Finland, Latvia, and Denmark. (

Marian Hossa is representing Slovakia in the World Championships, as reported here and confirmed on the IIHF website.

Since I don’t have a translator on staff, you get to read this article from Nova Sport as translated by Google Translate, with a few edits to make it somewhat easier to read when possible:

Reinforcement Frolik: I hope that MS (Team Czech Republic) will not fail

MS already at the scene with a team coached by another boost from the NHL and Michael Frolik hopes that it will be

The Czech hockey team received a further boost from the NHL on Friday night. The striker arrived at the tournament venue of Chicago Michael Frolik, who despite the difficult travel spender in the bowels of the Orange Arena a good mood. “The biggest problem is the time difference, but I’m pretty cool. I flew through the night, so I slept and I believe that fatigue will soon leave. Tomorrow is the training slides. We’ll see how it will look like,” said Michael Frolik.

Nifty excellent skater and hockey player in his career attended the three junior world championships. He spent most successful in 2005 when just under coach Hadamczik celebrated bronze. “I had good experiences with him. I do not want to disappoint and show something,” he said firmly.

Kladno disciple spent the last three years at Florida, in February this year, however, wandered in an exchange in Chicago. The whole of the Blackhawks, who last season won the Stanley Cup victory, was a tremendous challenge for Frolik. “From the beginning it was a shock for me, but then I was pretty happy that it happened,” he said. “It was a new impetus. City live hockey. Fans are better than in Florida,” he said.

Forward twenty-three is not in the Blackhawks organization to promote long-shooter. The card started to go to the end. “He changed my gloves, hockey sticks, but nothing worked. It was a difficult period. The coaches and the guys told me that I do not think and play on his game. Whether I play good defensively said that those points will come,” he added.

The Blackhawks hit in the first round of the playoffs to the season winner, the Vancouver Canucks. In a series of losing it 0-3, but they made an almost sensational reversal. “In history, it worked only a few teams. We were very close. No one expected the way back yet. In addition, we have lost the seventh game in overtime. We were very disappointed,” said Frolik.

“But it was a great experience for me. We were much overdosed on Sedinovce deployed. We had to defend it. I think that quite successfully, and we even scored some goals,” took pleasure Frolik, who was pleasantly surprised by inviting a representative. “I did not expect it. I was very happy. It’s a great bunch, a lot of great players. I look forward,” he smiled.

There is a longer article in Czech about this here, if you want to go through and translate it (or suffer through the Google Translated version).


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