Breaking News: Viktor Stalberg to Miss World Championships

(Image: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

As reported by Sport Bladet, Viktor Stalberg will not be able to play in the World Championships due to a throat infection that has apparently been bothering him throughout the first round. This is the article, as translated from Swedish by yours truly with help from my wonderful friend Sara (all mistakes are mine):

Viktor Stalberg to Miss World Championships

Tre Kronor can count out Viktor Stalberg, 25, from the World Championships. The Chicago forward has been plagued by a throat infection during the Stanley Cup playoffs. “I’ve barely been able to eat or sleep,” says Stalberg to Sportbladet.

Viktor Stalberg—along with Marcus Kruger, who is already attending the World Championships—lost to Vancouver in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. The series has been tough for Stalberg in many ways. The strong-skating forward has been plagued by serious problems with some kind of throat infection. “It’s not tonsillitis but something else. I have received penicillin, but it has not helped. Now I have to remove something from my throat, I don’t know exactly what they’re going to do. I’ll meet with our doctor later today,” says Stalberg.

Stalberg has had contact with Tre Kronor team manager Johan Garpenlov after Chicago was eliminated from the Stanley Cup. “I haven’t been asked straight out to participate in the World Championships, it’s more like they have been asking around to see if I’m interested,” says Stalberg. But he does not expect to be available for World Championship games. “As it is, it is extremely questionable for me. If I go to the World Championships, I need to feel like I’m 100% and that’s just not the case right now.”

If you are interested in looking at the original in Swedish, it can be found here. Also, a note about Tre Kronor, the nickname for the national men’s ice hockey team: according to my friend Sara, it’s more than a nickname; rather, it is an identity–if you mention Tre Kronor, they would immediately know that you are referring to the national team. Tre Kronor translates to “Three Crowns,” referring to the jersey design, which in turn is taken from the lesser coat of arms of the Kingdom of Sweden as well as the national emblem.

Even though Stalberg will not be able to join Tre Kronor during this championship, we will be keeping an eye on them thanks to Marcus Kruger: lycka till, Tre Kronor! And here’s to hoping Viktor gets better soon so he can enjoy the offseason—and that we get him back this fall!


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