Jim Cornelison To Sing The National Anthem Before Tonight’s Bulls-Hawks Game

Pictured: A BAMF. (Photo: Mishmash87/flickr)

If you didn’t hear last night or this morning, United States Navy SEALS killed Osama bin Laden.

Let’s just say that it was a pretty huge deal.

Or a really huge deal.

Amongst the celebration and contemplation over this historic event, some Blackhawks fans lamented the fact that the ‘Hawks were bounced out of the playoffs so soon. Wouldn’t it be awesome if  Jim Cornelison could do his rousing version of the National Anthem that always gets people out of their seats and cheering? Could you imagine the roar that would occur so soon after a defining event in the nation’s history?

(Remember, the cheering for the National Anthem at Blackhawks games — though it had happened before — became a tradition after the 1991 All-Star Game, which was held soon after the beginning of the first Gulf War.)

Fortunately for us, there is still one team in the playoffs at the United Center.

Here’s the scoop from Chicago Breaking Sports:

“The Chicago Bulls will turn to a familiar voice to set the proper mood Monday before Game 1 vs. the Atlanta Hawks: Jim Cornelison will sing the national anthem.

Cornelison, the Chicago Blackhawks’ mainstay who also sang for the Chicago Bears during last season’s NFL playoffs, will be singing before a Bulls game for the first time.

Cornelison often sings side-by-side with veterans of the U.S. armed forces during his performances, which should have a special significance Monday in the wake of the news of Osama bid Laden’s death.”

Some people might be upset that the Blackhawks are sharing Jim Cornelison with the rest of Chicago (like the mouthbreather reader who commented on the Chicago Breaking Sports article, saying that it “diminished” a Blackhawks tradition), but I think it’s an exciting way to show fans of other Chicago sports what Blackhawks fans get to experience every single game at the United Center.

Let’s just hope the Bulls fans in attendance tonight do the tradition proud. Get up and cheer loudly, guys!

The Bulls-Hawks game begins at 8pm EDT/7pm CDT on TNT. I have been told that they will be airing the National Anthem before the game. Even if you’re not a basketball fan, you’ll want to tune in for this.


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