World Domination: It’s Go Time!

Good morning everyone! Just dropping by with some quick Worlds notes for you–and lots of pictures because I’m highly overcaffeinated at the moment:

Hossa is sad to hear this. (Bridget Samuels/flickr)

In the same vein as my commentary on Slovakia’s performance from last night’s post, Lucas Aykroyd wonders if the Slovaks can beat the odds. As a Blackhawks fan, am I allowed to make jokes about the Hossa curse?

Sweden's Magnus Paajarvi is not amused by my '90s jokes. (Bridget Samuels/flickr)

Youth is power for some teams this year, particularly Canada: the tournament’s top two scorers are currently Jeff Skinner and John Tavares, both born in the 1990s. (I know I was only born in ’89 but the thought of kids born in the ‘90s playing at Worlds is just as terrifying to me as it is to most of you, I promise.) Both Canada and Sweden have six players born in the ‘90s on their rosters, and they seem to be doing better for it. However, not all countries currently have the development programs necessary to have players that young participate in international competition, so their future is much more uncertain. Andrew Podnieks wrote a great article on the 1990s presence in Worlds here.

Blake Wheeler, one of the new additions to Team USA. (Bridget Samuels/flickr)

Relatedly, the USA team has gone for younger, newer players for this year’s squad—an attempt to avoid the path that put them in danger of relegation last year. Only Chris Kreider and Jack Johnson returned from last year’s team, and there are 12 players on this year’s team that have never represented the US internationally before. It seems like quite a bit of a gamble, but it seems to be paying off for them. Paul Romanuk’s article goes deeper into this situation and is a must-read for Team USA fans.

Ty Conklin is NOT intimidated by Tre Kronor. (Bridget Samuels/flickr)

The top team for Groups C & D will be decided today, as the United States takes on Sweden and the Czech Republic takes on Finland. USA has 6 points to Sweden’s 4 and the Czech Republic has 6 to Finland’s 5. Looking forward to recapping the results tonight, but in the meantime, I must say: lycka till, Tre Kronor! and češi do toho! Also, GO FROLIK GO.

Have some Tre Kronor goodness because baby Swedish goalies are ALWAYS relevant. (Bridget Samuels/flickr)

And from the rest of the folks here at Runs on Duncan: may great hockey happen for everyone today.

(And, okay, yeah, go USA!)


2 thoughts on “World Domination: It’s Go Time!

  1. Ann

    GO USA!!!

    Love that pic of Ty. Nicely done, ma’am!!

    (Also, you being born in 89 makes you a baby too. Truth)

  2. Leiram Rivera Soto Post author

    I looked at it and I was like “NEED IN POST.” Oh, Ty. Such a BAMF. ❤

    (I know, I just turned the lowly age of 22. But I feel like I'm 47, no joke.)


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