Your Daily Cup: Bolland Rides Again

Bolland ponders if he could hit both Sedins with this motorcycle.

Throughout the season, the Blackhawks sold raffle tickets for this custom-made motorcycle from Orange County Choppers, which was autographed by the entire team. Yesterday, that chopper went to Josh Holleb of Highland Park, who called it “the Stanley Cup for me.” The Blackhawks raised over $100,000 for Chicago Blackhawks Charities, the Special Kids Network, and the Orange County Choppers Foundation.

After the jump, Bolland’s thoughts on the Stanley Cup Finals and Toews still nerding out over the Winnipeg news.

During the event, Bolland was asked about the Stanley Cup Finals and, specifically, Alex Burrows’ (alleged) bite on Patrice Bergeron. Let’s just say Bolland was not amused by Burrows’ antics:

“Typical, pulling hair and biting people. Sort of like a little girl,” said Bolland. “But things happen during games. Stuff like that isn’t meant for hockey. So some of those things have to be taken care of.”

In other news, Jonathan Toews was in Winnipeg to talk about the upcoming Player’s Cup golf tournament — but of course, the new NHL team was not far from his mind…

According to the Winnipeg Free Press, the Player’s Cup will be held on July 12. Celebrities include current Blackhawks Toews and Brian Campbell, as well as Blackhawks ambassadors Bobby Hull and Denis Savard, amongst others.


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