Your Daily Cup: Hello, Sweden!

We here at Aerys have been able to check on our individual site’s analytics for almost two weeks now. It’s like crack. I check on my numbers two or three times a day, at least. My favorite part is the map. Countries turn green as you get visits from them, and I think it’s awesome when the site gets a hit from somewhere other than the United States (because I am a nerd).

Anyway, I got my first visit from Sweden yesterday, so I decided to say hello to my one reader there. Unfortunately, all I really know about Sweden is hockey and ABBA… hence, this:

My site has now been banned in Sweden.

Clockwise from the top, that would be Ludvig Rensfeldt (the Blackhawks’ second-round draft pick from last year — welcome to the team?), Marcus Kruger, Viktor Stalberg, and Niklas Hjalmarsson.

One day, I will use my Photoshop power for good instead of evil. Today is not that day.

In other news, someone left Brian Campbell around children. Why would you do this? Note his confusion as the kid in the last picture hugs him around the knees.

The newest Winnipeg NHL team rumor? Kevin Cheveldayoff, the Blackhawks’ assistant GM, might become the newgeneral manager of the team if Rick Dudley does not go with the team to Winnipeg.

After a Thursday meeting with True North chairman Mark Chipman and hockey senior vice-president Craig Heisinger at the NHL’s scouting combine, current Atlanta Thrashers GM Rick Dudley does not appear to be a slam-dunk to move with the club to Winnipeg. Nobody at True North will talk about it and there are strong rumblings here that Dudley will either be re-assigned or dismissed, that True North wants to go in another direction with its own people.

If you remember, Rick Dudley left the Blackhawks last year to become the GM of the Thrashers. Cheveldayoff was his replacement.

Cheveldayoff has his own connections to the Thrashers — he was the GM of the Chicago Wolves from 1997 to 2009, through their two Calder Cup-winning seasons in the AHL. The Wolves were the AHL affiliate of the Thrashers until the end of this season.


2 thoughts on “Your Daily Cup: Hello, Sweden!

  1. Erin McCowan

    Wow….great job with Hjalmarsson! An eyebrow wax and a little less 5 o’clock shadow and he’s smokin’! 😉


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