Your Daily Cup: Happy Stanley-versary!

Has it really been a year? (Photo: Pete/flickr)

It was a year ago today that the Blackhawks finally won the Stanley Cup. 49 years of waiting, wishing, and hoping went out the window at 4:02 in overtime in game six against the Flyers.

It ranks up there as one of the greatest moments of my life.

Where were you on June 9, 2010? Drop your reply here, or send me an email at if you feel like getting wordy about it. I’ll publish the best stories over the weekend.

By the way — the game-winning puck still hasn’t been found, but the Chicago Tribune is on the case. I don’t think there’s a need to get the FBI on the case again, but it would be nice to know to where the puck has disappeared. It is a historical item, after all.

Patrick Kane did eventually receive a game-winning puck… from a ten-year-old. That article might as well be subtitled “Patrick Kane is for the children!” However, it is nice to see Kaner make the news for something sweet — and not something like this.

After the jump, find out why the Blackhawks have a new job opening.

It’s official — Kevin Cheveldayoff is now the general manager of the new Winnipeg NHL team.

Stan Bowman sat down with the Sun-Times to talk about Cheveldayoff’s exit.

“We certainly talked to him about the fact that we didn’t want to lose him, the fact he has a great home and opportunity here,” Bowman said. “But I think it was hard to ­compete with a chance to run your own team.

“He’s a good candidate to build a winning team. It wasn’t really on our radar at this point, but that’s the way things go. I don’t think you ever sit there wondering when he’s going to leave. He’s a smart guy. He deserves a chance, and I’m for happy him in that way.”

It was mentioned that “no deals are imminent” for restricted free agents such as Stalberg, Frolik, Brouwer, and Campoli. He also spoke of the desire to switch things up for next year:

“It depends on trades … and how that’s going to dictate [things],” he said. “We want to make changes. Whether they come through free agency or a trade, I’m not sure on that yet.”

In other news, the Blackhawks have launched a Draft Central mini-site. They have ten picks in this year’s draft.

The Blackhawks will host their 2011 Prospect Camp from July 7-11 at Johnny’s Ice House West and will be open to the public. The roster will be announced at a later date.


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