Your Daily Cup: Congrats, Rat!

The two derps prominently featured in this picture have women who have agreed to marry them. I just thought I would point that out. (Photo: Seth Anderson/flickr)

(I’m a poet, and I didn’t even know it.)

As reported by Chris Kuc, Dave Bolland is engaged to his girlfriend of five years, Julia.

“We’ll probably get married in Chicago,” says Bolland, who adds next year’s wedding will be scheduled after June 15 to make room for another championship run. “After winning the Stanley Cup, Chicago has just embraced me. It’s such a great city to live in — I love it here. Everybody I bring here loves it too.”

Congratulations, and here’s to many years of happiness for the both of you. I am, however, a little frightened by the possibility of Bolland’s children inheriting the death stare.

Make sure you read the entire article by Kuc, by the way. It’s golden. For example, here are his thoughts on the Sedins:

“I miss the Sedins,” he says with a laugh.

After the jump, check out what’s going on with the Blackhawks’ prospects, as well as when you can catch last year’s Cup-clinching game.

Three of the Blackhawks’ prospects were named to the USA National Junior Evaluation Camp — Kevin Hayes, Justin Holl, and Stephen Johns. (Incidentally, the Blackhawks are the only team with more than two prospects invited to the camp.) They will be competing for spots on the 2012 USA World Junior Championship team. Team USA had a strong showing in the tournament last year, taking home the bronze medal.

NHL Network will be airing last year’s Game 6 against the Flyers tomorrow, June 12, starting at 3:30pm EDT/2:30 CDT. Relive the excitement, the nausea, and the overwhelming joy that was the Cup-clinching game.

Are you heading to the The Cable Show 2011? Well, make sure you stop by the NBCU booth on Tuesday, June 15 between 3:00-3:45pm to say hello to Patrick Sharp, says PR Newswire. (This event isn’t open to the public, folks — I just thought it was amusing that this came up while I was searching for news.)

The Blackhawks Ice Crew will be holding auditions for their 2011-2012 iteration soon. I have incredibly mixed feelings about the Ice Crew, myself — a friend of mine was part of the Ice Crew for years, but it also seems incredibly exploitative. My ire is not directed toward the young women who take part in this, however — blah, blah, blah purple monkey patriarchy. Anyway, the information is there if you want to go do it. I won’t judge.

Finally, the mayor of Windsor, ON has declared June 26 Bob Probert Day in honor of the former Blackhawk and Red Wing who died last July. There will be a charity motorcycle ride on that day to raise money for the angioplasty program at Hotel-Dieu Grace Hospital.


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