From The Vault: Pat Foley Rips Alexander Karpovtsev

Seriously, though, f--- this guy.

Pat Foley is a Blackhawks fan. It seems weird to have to say that about the Blackhawks announcer, but after listening to some other announcers around the league, it seems as if having a fan call your games without being the biggest homer ever is rarer nowadays.

So Foley is a fan. And, during the early 2000’s, he was forced to watch a lot of terrible hockey. His frustration with this culminated in the greatest airing of grievances I have ever heard from him — the last game Alexander Karpovtsev ever played as a Blackhawk. See, Karpovtsev had a reputation for being “soft,” and, well, Foley added fuel to those rumors with this rant.

It is a thing of beauty.


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