Your Daily Cup: Well, They Are Pretty Odd

Their entire relationship summed up in one screenshot.

NBC Chicago sat down with Brent Seabrook and Duncan Keith during this year’s Blackhawks Convention to discuss their, uh, unique friendship. If the NBC Chicago video player is giving you issues (which would not be surprising, since it’s pretty terrible), check it out below.

After the jump, check out what Hossa’s been doing over the summer…

Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr

So what has our favorite Slovak been doing this summer? Golfing. Relaxing with his family. Taking quick trips to Turkey?

You mentioned that you went to Turkey. Is that one of your favorite vacation spots?
Turkey isn’t my favorite, but it was a two-hour flight [from Slovakia] so it was really quick, in and out. There are so many nice, beautiful places. We went to the Maldives, and that was one of my favorite spots.

Jealousy — I have it.

Jesse Rogers from ESPN recently ranked the top five Blackhawks of all time. Number five might be a surprise to some, but any Blackhawks fan should be able to guess who the top four players are.

David Gilbert is looking forward to making the jump from the QMJHL to the IceHogs this year. In six games with the IceHogs (one in 2009-2010 and five in 2010-2011), he’s already had four points (two goals and two assists).

NHL teams need to have an image, says Adam Proteau of The Hockey News. He mentions that the Blackhawks sell 97.4% of tickets on the road, just behind the Detroit Red Wings (who sit at a mind-boggling 99.9%), and ahead of the Pittsburgh Penguins (who are at 97.2%).

The Winnipeg Jets ruin everything. The latest casualty? The Summer SuperStar Showdown, which has had its last annual game. Jonathan Toews played on Team White.

Bob Verdi, the Blackhawks’ historian, helped give a voice to Chicago sports, says ESPN Chicago. He’s the only living writer/broadcaster mentioned in this article. His most enduring legacy for Chicago sports fans may be the nickname he gave a certain William W. Wirtz — “Dollar Bill.”

Finally, Adam Jahns went one-on-one with Daniel Carcillo. My favorite question and answer?

What did Jeff Carter say to you when you hit him instead of Kopecky?

It was the hardest he’s ever been hit. I was like, “Well, you should’ve gotten out of the way.”

I adore Jahns for asking this question and Carcillo for answering it so bluntly.


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