Your Daily Cup: Hockey Withdrawal

Here’s all the news I’ve been meaning to update you on — but instead, I’ve been mostly curled up in the fetal position, praying that hockey season would just start already:

Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr

The Ongoing Saga of Patrick Kane’s Wrist:

So Stan Bowman was all “Psh, Kaner is totally on schedule to start training camp,” but then Kaner talked to some dudes in Toronto and was all “Uh, I don’t know if I’ll be ready for training camp.” But then his doctor was all “Eh, maybe you’ll be ready for training camp?”

Will Kaner be ready for training camp? Guess we’ll find out in a couple weeks. The important thing is that he’s ready for the start of the season.

Meanwhile, as always, Hockey Syrup has the best take on this situation.

Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr

Jamal Mayers talked to the Chicago Tribune about his duties to his family and the Blackhawks. He also talks about Daniel Carcillo, with whom he has been involved in a couple of bouts:

“The unique thing about our sport is we’re able to turn it on and off,” Mayers said. “The reality is you come into the locker room where you may have had some battles with a guy like Carcillo but I can tell you this: We’re going to be close teammates.

“I respect the way he plays and the ultimate compliment you can pay someone is that you do respect the way they play. It goes for everybody in this locker room.”

Often-broken teammates Dave Bolland and Marian Hossa have been working hard this off-season. Meanwhile, Niklas Hjalmarsson has been moving furniture:

What have you been up to this summer? 
Me and my girlfriend, Elina, bought a condo back home in Jonkoping, and we’ve been getting furniture in there. I’ve been working out in the mornings and hanging out with my friends and family, and I was in Croatia for a week.

I think I know where they got their furniture from…

Speaking of Swedish imports, Marcus Kruger talked with the Sun-Times about his spot on the Blackhawks this year:

ST: Is it your spot to lose on the Hawks?

MK: Not at all do I feel like I have a spot. I have to earn a spot at training camp. That’s what I’m trying to do. You have to earn it.

ST: Have you worked on anything specifically this summer?

MK: I’ve just tried to get stronger overall and work on the first steps. It’s something that I noticed. It’s important to get the puck [first].

In other news, Joel Quenneville recently sang the seven-inning stretch at a Cubs game. It was as terrible as the last time they made him sing. I’m starting to think that making Coach Q sing is a running gag between the Cubs and the Blackhawks organizations.

Finally, the Blackhawks won’t wear an alternate jersey this upcoming season. The nearly-universal reaction to this news?

You will not be missed.


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