O Come, Let Us Adore Her

The birth of Mia Hossa (dramatization)

Praise be to Hossa in the highest, and blessed is the fruit of your wife’s womb!

Yes, finally, after weeks of wondering, it has been confirmed that Marian Hossa and his wife, Janka, are the proud parents of a baby girl named Mia. Here now is the Google Translated version of the article announcing her birth.

Yet the good news of Hockey: Marian Hossa was born daughter!

Yesterday 20:22 – hockey player Marian Hossa (32) is the father! His wife Jane after more than a year of marriage she bore a daughter, Mia.

At least one good news from the hockey environment. Representative in ice hockey Marian Hossa became a father! Janka and his wife lived to be wishful firstborn daughter. Mia gave her name. In sports news this Markiza said.

Hockey player has not yet recovered with great personal tragedy, when in a plane crash killed his longtime friend and hockey teammate Pavol Demitra(† 36). Now, however, has at least one reason that he returned a smile on his face.

Janka with Marian were married in July last year. For her there lacked no good friend Marian Demitra. Girl Mia was born and only two days after leaving a friend to Marianová beyond.

(Have I mentioned how much I love Google Translate in all of its terribleness?)

I’ll second the sentiment in the article: it’s nice to have some good news in the hockey world for once. It’s only sad that Pavol Demitra did not live long enough to see one of his best friends become a father. We here at Runs On Duncan wish the Hossas all the best with their newborn daughter.


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