Prospects Friday: Toews Added to Oshawa Rookie Roster

Photo: leafschik1967/flickr

No, not that Toews. The other one. What do you mean, which other one? This one! Yeah, apparently we acquired his rights today because someone forgot to tell Stan Bowman that not all Toews are created equal.

While that may sound harsh, it’s not a crack at David so much as it is a warning: we should not be expecting him to be Jonathan Toews #2 because he isn’t. He’s his own player, similar style aside. Being compared to his older brother would make anyone look bad, and with David having less professional experience it’s downright cruel, so I would recommend we let him make a name for himself. That said, I will admit I’m kind of hoping that a good dose of old-fashioned sibling rivalry will get D. Toews to produce as much as I think he could.

He will get his first chance to prove himself this weekend, as he has just been added to the roster for the 2011 Toronto Maple Leafs Rookie Tournament, beginning tomorrow at General Motors Centre in Oshawa, Ontario. He will be joining some Prospect Camp favorites such as Jimmy Hayes, Andrew Shaw, and Dylan Olsen–as well as Mark McNeill and Phillip Danault of this year’s draft class—while taking on rookies from the Toronto Maple Leafs, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and the Ottawa Senators. (You can find the full roster minus Toews here.)

The Maple Leafs will be streaming all three of their rookie games on their site, so tune in tomorrow morning to watch the Blackhawks rookies take them on!


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