Tune-In Tuesday On The Pulse: The Blackhawks’ Pump-Up Jams

Blackhawks Magazine is a funny publication — it’s like a legitimate sports rag had a baby with “Tiger Beat.” Articles about the Blackhawks’ history and scouting the rookie class co-mingle with ridiculousness like John Scott playing Dear Abby and giving out advice (not kidding) or learning about Snarples, which is apparently some sort of Canadian card game with confusing rules (also not kidding).

Every time there’s a new issue, I have to go pick one up. It would be my Blackhawks guilty pleasure if I were capable of feeling guilt over something pleasurable.

The Blackhawks were asked to fill out their yearly questionnaires, and their answers appear in the magazine (along with a picture of them modeling the latest in Blackhawks attire, of course). This year, they asked the players what their “pump-up jam” is. Here are most of their answers. (None of them said “Pump Up The Jam,” which makes me a little disappointed.)

To see their answers, check out today’s Tune-In Tuesday on The Pulse!


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