NHL GameCenter LIVE™ Is The Greatest $40 I Ever Spent

At least it comes out to about $1 per game, right?

Let’s just get the disclaimer out of the way first for the FTC’s sake: Verizon gave a group of bloggers the DROID Bionic to use for our sites. I was part of that group. However, the words and opinions expressed are my own.

I was the only hockey writer in this group to get to try out the DROID Bionic, which has its pros and cons.

Pros: Wee, look at me! I’m the only hockey writer! I’m special! This makes me feel more important than I actually am!

Cons: I’m the only hockey writer here, so… I get NFL Mobile for free? Um. Yay?

Now, don’t get me wrong — NFL Mobile is a fantastic application. If you’re not in town to watch your favorite NFL team or if you’re playing fantasy football, I can see how it can come in handy. However, I have used it a grand total of twice. I’m just not a huge football fan.

So it was up to me to get some hockey on this phone. I had to get GameCenter LIVE™.

After dropping $19.99 for the application and an extra $19.99 to start my GameCenter subscription (hooray for monthly payments!), I was on my way to hockey goodness.

Actual screenshots from the GameCenter LIVE™ app

Now, of course, you can’t watch videos that are being aired nationally or within a certain viewing area, so I wouldn’t be able to view Blackhawks games within the Chicago area (but I can listen to WGN Radio’s feed). However, I was able to catch the Flyers-Jets game on Thursday.


Before I bought GameCenter LIVE™, I would have either had to watch the video of this debacle the next day or troll the legally gray areas of the Internet to find a feed to watch. Now, with the app on my phone, I could witness this horrible display of defense and goaltending live.

I believe the app paid for itself in entertainment value from this one game alone.

Tonight, I’m going to take the radio app for a whirl while I’m at the United Center to see how it holds up while viewing the game live. But I’m already in love.


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