So Here We Are Again: Blackhawks @ Calgary Flames Live Blog

NOVEMBER 18, 2011

9:00 PM ET/8:00 PM CT

Comcast SportsNet Chicago, RIS, WGN Radio 720

Chicago Blackhawks


Calgary Flames

Record: 12-4-3 Record: 7-9-1
Points: 27 Points: 15
Western Conference: 1st Western Conference: 14th
Central Division: 1st Northwest Division: 5th

The enemy’s Aerys Sports site: NONE

It’s always such a pleasure.

Well, while I’ve been off, having an existential crisis regarding this site, the Blackhawks have decided to pile up a nice win streak, haven’t they?


Steve Montador has finally become useful, with four goals in four games. Nick Leddy now leads all defensemen in points. Not only that — the Blackhawks finally sent old Rostislav Olesz to Rockford while bringing up Ben Smith, everyone’s new favorite gritty, grindy third/fourth line guy.

Since the Blackhawks have decided to change things up, I have also decided to do things differently on this site. Whenever I can, the game-day posts are now game-day live blogs! Now instead of following me on Twitter for my latest jokes about how Brent Seabrook is drowning his injury sorrows in nachos, or finding new ways to describe John Scott’s on-ice uselessness, you can just click on here and find them all in one convenient location.

I’ve only done one live blog before, so there might be a few bumps in the road. Please bear with me as we dive headlong into this thing.

The live blog starts after the jump. Newest posts will be on top.

10:35 pm: Blackhawks lose 5-2. Sorry this live blog went south in the third period.

9:35 pm: Remember when the Blackhawks struggled without Duncan Keith? Meet the Blackhawks without Brent Seabrook. Sloppy, sloppy.

9:34 pm: Well, these past nine minutes have been uneventful.

9:23 pm: John Scott gets two minutes for being tall. Someone on the Flames gets two minutes, as well, so it’s 4-on-4 hockey again.

9:21 pm: Curtis Glencross taps it in past Crawford. ARGH. 4-2 Flames.

9:14 pm: Admit it, Foley — you only want to know if that Lottery winner dude is going to have vodka at his party because you want to go.

9:12 pm: Congratulations to Duncan Keith on his 200th career assist! Now get it together, bro.

9:09 pm: Terrible turnover by the Blackhawks, but Crawford told him to GTFO of here with that.

9:07 pm: It’s now 4-on-3 — and Hossa scores! 3-2 Flames.

9:04 pm: Dammit, Kiprusoff, stop being so good! Olli Jokinen and Stalberg go to the box for two minutes for sissy slap fighting, so we have 4-on-4 hockey for two minutes.

8:59 pm: Two goals by the Flames in 17 seconds. This is fabulous. Good job, guys. 3-1 Flames.

8:58 pm: Rene Borque with the wrister that goes past Crawford. 2-1 Flames.

8:47 pm: Oh, Lord, who let the child on TV? Nick Leddy, you are so awkward. However, your Movember ‘stache is pretty epic. I know Kane must be upset by this.

8:40 pm: The first period is over. Blackhawks and Flames are tied 1-1. SOG 11-10 Flames.

8:39 pm: Crawford is on his game tonight. Very nice shoulder save!

8:35 pm: Alex Tanguay gets a breakaway, and Crawford tells him to get that weak shit outta here. Still 1-1.

8:34 pm: Blackhawks are leading in SOG 9-7. Which is nice.


8:31 pm: Every time I hear Giordano’s name, I suddenly want pizza.

8:27 pm: Thanks for getting the scoreboard up on TV again, CSN.

8:25 pm: Is Duncan Keith Drunken Keith tonight? I believe this is the case!

8:24 pm: Calgary’s Alex Tanguay gets a penalty for holding. Good job on Toews for drawing that on a short-handed attempt and negating the Blackhawks’ penalty.

8:23 pm: Lepisto gets sent 0ff for high-sticking. Thought John Scott was going to get a penalty for being really tall.

8:22 pm: Kiprusoff is such a great goalie. I’m sorry you’re stuck with the Flames, Kipper.

8:21 pm: What in the world could Patrick Kane say to Iginla to make him unhappy? Iggy is the happiest NHL player to ever exist!

8:17 pm: Toews’ dogged determination, along with Stalberg battling to get to the front of the net, equals a goal for the Blackhawks! 1-1 all.

8:15 pm: Duncan Keith was completely embarrassed by Lee Stempniak, who beats Crawford stick-side. Wow, that was painful to watch. 1-0 Flames.

8:13 pm: That was a no-goal by Toews, thanks to the linesman not seeing that the puck wasn’t frozen. Okay.

8:11 pm: I appreciate these old-school Flames uniforms. It’s like they want their fans to remember a time when they weren’t lingering at the bottom of the least competitive conference in the league,

8:10 pm: Ben Smith is on the ice. That high-pitched noise you heard were teenaged girls (and some guys) screaming all over Chicagoland.

8:08 pm: Starting lineup: Stalberg, Toews, Hossa, with Montador and Keith on D.

8:05 pm: Corey Crawford is in goal tonight. Despite the rumors, Emery is nowhere near being traded. Seabrook and Frolik are out with injuries.

7:17 pm: Tonight’s live blog is brought to you from my DROID Bionic. FTC Disclaimer: Verizon gave a group of bloggers the DROID Bionic to use for our sites. I was part of that group. However, the words and opinions expressed are my own.


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