Vote John Scott Into The All-Star Game!


I know all of you have been feverishly getting in your votes for the 2012 All-Star Game. And while we know you’ll be voting for Jonathan Toews your favorite Blackhawks in hopes that they’ll get to hold hands with Sidney Crosby in public go to sunny Ottawa on their off-week to participate in a goofy exhibition game no one really cares about time-honored tradition, the good people of HOCKEENIGHT, as well as we here at ROD, suggest you toss a few votes toward the Murdersaurs-est of Blackhawks players, John Scott.

Why You Should Vote For John Scott:

He’s tall. Finally, someone that Zdeno Chara can have a face-to-face conversation with!

His Movember mustache is awesome. And not creepy at all:

Okay, so... it's a little creepy.

Seeing if he gets picked last or if a captain would choose him out of fear. Admit it — this would be hilarious no matter what the outcome.

Uh… did I mention that he’s tall? He’s really, really tall, you guys. I come up to his shoulder. It’s kind of scary.

Because too many people think the All-Star Game is Serious Business. You know you’ve seen people complaining about who deserves or doesn’t deserve to go to the All-Star Game as if it actually matters. Why not vote in the most frivolous Blackhawk for the most frivolous game of the year? At least he’d get how silly the entire thing is.

Write in John Scott. And join the Facebook page. Because no one really cares about the All-Star Game, anyway.


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