B-B-B-B-Blackhawks Win: Blackhawks 2, Kings 1

I’m still not in the mood to give you a long commentary on tonight’s game, especially since it’s so late and I’m watching a Psych marathon. So here’s what you need to know.

1st Period: Andrew Brunette scores his first even-strength goal in a Blackhawks uniform.

It was clownshoes, but it still counted. (Photo: Cheryl Adams/flickr)

2nd Period: After former Rachel Hunter boytoy Jarret Stoll scored for the Kings, Jonathan Toews decided to be Toews-like and score a goal.

He still hasn't scored with Rachel Hunter, though. (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

3rd Period: The Blackhawks held on to win the game 2-1. The WGN feed, however, looked like an outtake from Max Headroom.

Here’s a video for anyone younger than, like, 30 who doesn’t get that reference.

It was soon discovered that the guy in charge of fixing the feed wasn’t exactly qualified.

Thankfully, the Blackhawks ended it in regulation so we didn’t have to deal with WGN for any longer than we had to.

And who gets first star with assists on both goals and a +1 on the night?



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