Pithy Headline: Blackhawks 5, Islanders 4 (SO)

Repeat of score listed in the title.

Declaration of frustration with the Blackhawks despite win.

Mostly tongue-in-cheek indictment of Corey Crawford.

Immediate reminder that the above indictment was mostly tongue-in-cheek because it is hard to read sarcasm on the Internet.

Serious sentence hoping that Ray Emery plays in St. Louis.

Mention the play of the defensive corps.

Joke about Duncan Keith.

Gratuitous use of this picture for no real reason.

Grovel before the altar of Jonathan Toews.

Offer to sacrifice first born child to Toews if he can pull the Blackhawks out of the Blues game with a win.

Kanye shrug and be glad that the Blackhawks don’t have to play in Nassau Coliseum 41 times a year?


One thought on “Pithy Headline: Blackhawks 5, Islanders 4 (SO)

  1. Morgann

    Kat –

    Girl, thank you for being so generous in your sharing of the great muscliness that is Duncan. It’s why I keep this commercial handy on my phone.

    Off the wall question but were you at HOB last Tuesday for the David Cook show? I could have sworn I saw you walk right by me. But I was probably hallucinating.

    Take care!



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