Classy: Blackhawks 5, Blues 2

A win so good, I should’ve lit a cigarette afterward.

You know, here on Runs On Duncan, we pride ourselves on taking the high road… most of the time. We tend to focus on how the Blackhawks won or lost a game — not on the other team, so much.

But tonight? Here’s a musical tribute to what happened:

The Blackhawks trolled the Blues (with Ray Emery, no less!), while the Blues still can’t hit the broad side of a barn no matter who’s coaching them. There were quite a few wide open nets, thanks to Emery’s insane sense of rebound control, but the Blues just… no. Nothing. Which was nice.

Also, David Backes needs to back up off of Jonathan Toews, already. What, did Toews run over a group of rescue dogs? Does he buy fur? Is he running a puppy mill? Then how about you put this petty physical confrontation aside? I think Toews has more than proven that he’s not easily rattled, scoring a goal and an assist. Try a different approach. No, wait, don’t try a different approach — it amuses me.

Hossa went into beast mode, getting two goals. Hjalmarsson played incredibly well and got an assist on Toews’ tip-in. The penalty kill actually did its job for the first time in forever (and Hossa scored his first goal on the PK). Meanwhile, there were two power play goals — one from Hossa and one from Sharp. Good game all around for the Blackhawks.

Oh, and look who got two assists tonight? That would be our namesake, Duncan Keith. Thank you for caring tonight, sir.

Anyway, thanks to the Blues (and some of their fans) for putting me back in touch with the side of me that absolutely loathes the Blues tonight. It’s games like these that remind me that, sometimes, it’s okay to hate.

(On a serious note — welcome back, David Perron. May you never score on the Blackhawks again.)


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