Squeaked By: Blackhawks 3, Islanders 2

I was trying to watch this during my Legal Terminology class this evening and in-between learning about fun legalesque things, I got this:

-Boss Hoss with a wonderful goal in the 1st period during the power play. This is Hossa’s 400th goal. I tip my hat to you, sir.

-Sharpie put up 2 points, including the gamewinner in OT. The smile I wore on my face definitely made my professor suspicious.

-Crawford wasn’t in net tonight and wasn’t even sitting on the bench. Boooo.

-Emery did well tonight. That second point by Islander’s Grabner was a result of Seabsy screening Emery, so with really only 1 goal scored that he could see, high fives for you.

-Carcillo standing up for Jonny in the third period (even if it did result in a penalty with 3:34 left in regulation). The ice against Carbomb might be cracking a little bit.

I wasn’t expecting anything big to happen and nothing really did. It was a close game nonetheless and I’m glad the Hawks were able to get away with the win tonight. It made my 4 hour Legal Terms class a little more bearable and there’s nothing better than that. Well, maybe this video, that brings a smile onto my face:


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