Ben Smith Sent Back Down To Rockford

Still not the last we've seen of Smitty. (Photo: Cheryl Adams/flickr)

If you haven’t heard, Ben Smith was sent back down to the Rockford IceHogs yesterday. It’s just as well — he had only one goal and was a minus-6 in seven games, so going back to Rockford will let him develop his game more so he can stick the next time he’s called up.

Fortunately, though, he was able to do this for me before he left…


See, I actually did buy the shirt and get it signed like I said I would!

Story time after the jump!

See, as a Blackhawks season ticket holder, we get some perks. And one of those perks is a holiday party at Winter Wonderland in Navy Pier. (Remember this story about how I failed at my life in front of Brent Seabrook? That was two years ago at the same season ticket holder holiday party. Fortunately, I didn’t fail as hard this time.) This time, I went with my friend and fellow season ticket holder, Lisa.

So, anyway, we get in line to meet Ben Smith. I had the shirt with me, so I started strategically folding it while in line so only the “Ben” part of the shirt would show. Why? Because there were a lot of kids around, and I didn’t want some parent to be all “Oh my God, you’re corrupting my child with your shirt’s filthy language, you heathen!” Lisa, however, did not share my need to protect the children.

I go up there and give Smith the shirt to sign. As he’s signing it, Lisa, who is behind me, declares, “You should open the shirt and see what it says!”

An artistic depiction of my friend, Lisa.

He does, we all have a good laugh, and it was all good. And no parents yelled at me for corrupting the youth, so, bonus!

FTC Disclaimer: Verizon gave a group of bloggers the Motorola XOOM to use for our sites, which is what I used to take pictures of the shirt and write the bulk of this article while on the train. However, the words and opinions expressed are my own.


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