Wow: Blackhawks 4, Wild 3 (SO)

A game against the Wild that was actually exciting? Will wonders ever cease?

Jonathan Toews broke 300 career points blah blah blah HOLY SH-T DID YOU SEE KANE’S SHOOTOUT GOAL?

That goal was so disgusting, they needed to call out the hazmat crew after it happened.

I mean, don’t get me wrong — I still hate the shootout on principle (and will until the NHL adopts a three-point system similar to the Olympics), but I can’t even be mad at it right now.



One thought on “Wow: Blackhawks 4, Wild 3 (SO)

  1. Pants

    This involved a lot of screaming in my house. Me: “No, don’t stop! You can’t stop! Forward motion! Oh my God he’s still going!” My husband: “Well that goalie wants to die right now.”


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