Cool Down: Blackhawks 0, Kings 2

In light of Kat unvieling “Warmups” as a pre game what’s what, I thought that the post game wrap up should get a little redo as well. Hence: “Cool Down”…not as clever, but eh, it’s the thought that counts, right?


So, as I was sitting at my desk trying to write this game recap, I thought to myself: “Megan, what is there to say?” (Not a whole damn lot).

From what I could gather from the ranting and raving my father was doing about this game (alas, another night at work), the Hawks didn’t show up to play this game. And for those that did show up, “You get a penalty! You get a penalty!” (a la Oprah herself). So let’s be frank: zero effort and zero drive gave them zero points and a loss to the Kings, ending a 5 game win streak. It’s as simple as that.

Crawford did, however, stop 36 scoring attempts. So, pats on the back for him…even if we did lose. I can only hope and pray that when the Blackhawks face the Wings on Friday that they show up and do work. A happy ROD staff post is in the future…I can see it now.


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