Warmups: Let’s Go Sha-arks?

In Corey We Trust. (Photo: Cheryl Adams/flickr)

  • No, really, why does the “official” Sharks chant unnaturally extend the word “Sharks” into two syllables? Is it to make sure it sounds different than “Go Kings Go,” kind of like how Blackhawks fans chant “Let’s Go Hawks” so it sounds different than “Let’s Go Red Wings“? Is it because f*** you — that’s why? I just want to know, okay?
  • Anyway, Corey Crawford is in net for the Blackhawks. The guy who previously had the job before Corey, Antti Niemi, is backing the Sharks. Maybe you’ve heard of him. Both are coming off back-to-back games. Be prepared for a low-scoring game. (Left Wing Lock)
  • The Central Division is probably the toughest division this year… if you ignore the Blue Jackets. Oh, who am I kidding? Even Columbus ignores the Blue Jackets. (The Score)
  • I will never find a writer for the Blue Jackets for this site ever again.
  • Carcillo: still a dumbass. This isn’t an update — just a reiteration.

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