Warmups: SOPA Sucks More Than Detroit

This site under SOPA.

Look, guys — I try to keep my political views as far away from this site as I possibly can. You don’t need to know who I vote for, or where I fall on the political spectrum, or any of that. This is a site dedicated to making fun of the Blackhawks.

But SOPA and PIPA have forced my hand, especially since the NHL supports SOPA. Ugh.

I’m a graphic designer by trade, which means I create content that could (and has) been pirated on the Internet. I am all for better legislation against online piracy. However, SOPA and PIPA are like banning fighting in hockey by cutting off players’ fingers so they can’t make a fist.

So, go learn about SOPA and PIPA. The National Post has a good summary of the situation, and Wikipedia has a great FAQ section dedicated to both bills, as well as an easy way to contact your representatives. If those articles are too long for your short attention spans, there’s a handy-dandy infographic, or you can just watch this video.

As always, The Oatmeal provides the best summation of why SOPA and PIPA are bad for the Internet.

And now, today’s links.

  • The Blackhawks take on the Buffalo Sabres tonight at 6:30pm on the NBC Sports Network (formerly known as Versus). Corey Crawford is in net for the Blackhawks, while Ryan Miller Jhonas Enroth will be backing the Sabres. (Left Wing Lock)
  • Keith and Jonathan Toews were not on the ice this morning for the morning skate. Don’t worry, though — they’re both in for tonight’s game. They just took the morning off because of the early start time tonight. (@NHLBlackhawks)
  • Ben Smith is in for tonight’s game. Bryan Bickell is out, along with Sami Lepisto and John Scott. (@adamjahns)
  • Sean O’Donnell is being rewarded for his dependable play. (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • In prospects news, Mac Carruth was named the CHL goaltender of the week. (Hockey’s Future)
  • Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook were on Blackhawks Live! recently, and now there’s video. Ooh. (chicagoblackhawks.com)
  • Finally, this is just cool — an illustrated guide to NHL players who have played 1,000+ games with the same team. (Puck Daddy)

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