Crawford Deserved Better: Blackhawks 2, Canucks 3 (OT)

Do not be sad, Emo Goalie. You did good. (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

  • Corey Crawford played like all the meatballs said he should. He was big in net, he bailed out his defense when he had to, and he made some pretty sick saves, to boot. I hope he keeps it up and doesn’t let his confidence falter.
  • Let’s be honest — Cory Schneider had an amazing game, too. I miss Roberto Luongo. Can Schneider get traded to the Lightning — or wherever the rumors say he’s supposed to go this week?
  • The defense had a pretty good night overall. Sure, Nick Leddy and Niklas Hjalmarsson were their usual insanity-inducing selves, but their defensive brain farts didn’t end up in the back of the net, so I’ll take that as a win. Why was John Scott dressed, though? He didn’t even play in the third period, so the Blackhawks were essentially skating five defensemen. That is an awesome coaching decision when you’re playing against one of the top teams in the league.
  • I was surprised to see Duncan Keith have a minus-2 on the night, because he played like, well, former Norris Trophy winner Duncan Keith should. Maybe his All-Star break vacation to Mexico with bromance partner Brent Seabrook did him some good.
  • Viktor Stalberg had a fine game, too, even with his sorta-kinda giveaway that led to the game-tying goal. I say sorta-kinda because it looked like the puck bounced off of his stick. Can we keep him, Bowman? Huh, huh, can we?
  • The only truly gross part of the entire game? The Blackhawks were absolutely killed in faceoffs. Jonathan Toews was an abysmal 35% (6 out of 17), Brendan Morrison was at 31% (5-16), and Dave Bolland brings up the rear at 30% (6-20). Get it together, centers. (Okay, the power play was awful, too, but if you don’t have the puck 65% of the time, you can’t exactly get that many shots on net, can you?)
  • Speaking of Brendan Morrison, he and Patrick Sharp looked like two dudes who hadn’t played in a while in the first period. As the night went on, they both got better, so let’s just hope they were warming up the creaky joints.
  • The Blackhawks play the Edmonton Oilers next. The last time they were in Edmonton, they were lit up 9-2. Can this not happen again, guys? Thanks.

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