Blackhawks Choke On Gagner’s Hot Stick, Lose 8-4

This game was so bad, I'm posting a picture of the guy who had an eight-point night against the Blackhawks. Sam Gagner, everybody! (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

Here’s the thing. The Blackhawks were up 2-0 in the beginning of the second period, and then lost 8-4 to a team that has only one good line.

Corey Crawford had a bad night. A really bad night. A Huet-in-Columbus-in-2010 (March 29, 2010, to be exact — don’t ask how I remember the exact date) night, as Tim Sassone suggested. He even let Cam Barker score! I don’t know if the Blackhawks can keep going like this. I mean, I hate a goalie controversy as much as the next fan, but Crawford might need to sit down for a while.

However, besides Crawford’s problems in net, all the issues from the last game? Still there, except worse and more insistent. Niklas Hjalmarsson and Nick Leddy continue to induce ulcers when paired together. John Scott skated for just over nine minutes. Steve Montador skated for just over twelve minutes. That means that, for most of the game, the Blackhawks were really skating only four defensemen. I guess Sami Lepisto really is, like, dead or something.

The power play was, well, as it has been for a while now — fundamentally broken. And I mean that. There are no fundamentals being employed on the power play.

At one point during the game, Bryan Bickell had more penalty minutes than time on the ice. He ended up skating only 6:07 total. Meanwhile, Michael Frolik is sitting with Sean O’Donnell and Lepisto’s corpse in the press box. Okay.

But questioning Quenneville’s decisions? That just makes me a silly blogger, of course!

The Blackhawks are still a good team. But it’s games like these that show the giant holes in the team that need to get fixed before you can drive a Mack truck through them.

The title of this article was suggested by Marko The Muscle, aka @man_in_armor. He wants all of you to know that he is single and likes girls in sports jerseys.


3 thoughts on “Blackhawks Choke On Gagner’s Hot Stick, Lose 8-4

  1. cait

    “A Huet-in-Columbus-in-2010” Still side-eye judging the Hawks for that game. The only upside to that trip was eating at Shane’s Rib Shack while I was there…


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