From The Vault: The First NHL Fight Seabrook Kinda-Sorta Won

This was only from five years ago, but it looks like it was shot underwater.

(Let’s be real. You want to hear about last night’s game against the Flames as much as I want to talk about it — which is not at all.)

Brent Seabrook gets into two types of fights on the ice:

  • The ones he loses are the ones where he has to defend himself, or tries to give his team a boost, or whatever ridiculous reasons hockey players come up with to fight.
  • The ones he wins are when he has to defend someone else. And that’s about it.

So here’s the first fight he kinda-sorta won, according to

Tuomo Ruutu gets knocked to the ice by a knee-on-knee hit from [Dan] Hamhuis and Seabrook goes over and grabs Hamhuis in response. They drop the gloves and grab ahold of each other. Hamhuis throws a right and his helmet comes off. Seabrook throws two rights and Hamhuis lands a right of his own. Seabrook gets Hamhuis bent over and throws an uppercut and a right just before Hamhuis takes Seabrook down to the ice. Hamhuis tries to shake his right hand free to throw another punch while the two are down, but the linesmen quickly jump in before he is able to do so. Other Penalties: Seabrook received an instigator and misconduct.

Okay, so technically, readers considered the fight a draw — but Seabrook got the next-highest number of votes, so I’m counting it as a kinda-sorta win.

Let’s watch, shall we?


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