In-Own-Goal-ious Backes: Blackhawks 3, Blues 1

One goal. One assist. Plus-3. Thanks. (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

Let’s just break this down by period, shall we?

First Period:

Hot mess.

Corey Crawford was the only Blackhawk who was awake this early, it seemed like. I’m glad he’s gotten back on his game recently, or else this game could’ve been at least 2-0 or more at the end of this period. As it was, the Blues went up 1-0 late in the first period on a goal that might have been kicked in, but whatever.

Second Period:

I think I passed out or maybe went into a coma watching this. And I was at the game. I don’t even know how people could get through it watching on TV, because Jesus, this was boring.

I blame Ken Hitchcock. Last year, the Blues would’ve imploded into meatheaded stupidity by the middle of the second period, and the Blackhawks would’ve potted six or seven goals. But no, he has to make the Blues defensively responsible under penalty of death or whatever.


Anyway, no goals were scored.

Third Period:

Duncan Keith finally shut up the two meatballs sitting behind me who kept complaining about how he sucked by scoring the equalizer almost five minutes into the third period.

Then came the goal that gave this post its name. Dave Bolland banked the puck off of David Backes‘ stick and past Brian Elliott to give the Blackhawks the lead. It was hilarious.

Marian Hossa iced the game with an empty net goal, and the Blackhawks came away with a win… but, of course, this being the Blues, they wouldn’t go down without showing their bag of douche for all to see:

Of course.


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