Wolves Extra: 1,000 Games? No Problem!

Congratulations, Baumer! (photo courtesy of chrisjerina.smugmug.com)

Despite a 3-2 loss to Rockford, snapping their 4-game winning streak on Friday, and a 4-1 loss to Abbotsford today, the Chicago Wolves have a lot to be proud of. (No, really! This will be a happy post. I promise.)

It was captain Nolan Baumgartner’s 1,000th professional game — that’s a HUGE accomplishment. Baumgartner was honored in a ceremony just before Saturday’s game.

A devoted Wolves fan had this to say about Baumer and his achievements:

Nolan Baumgartner is the most positive influence I have ever had in my life. If it weren’t for him and showing me what hockey is really about, I don’t know where I would be today.

Congratulations, Nolan. We here at ROD salute you and your hard work and dedication. We wish you a long and prosperous career playing the best sport on Earth.


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