Carcillo Is Our Dumbass For Two More Years

Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr

Well, the timing of this was certainly random, wasn’t it?

After a season-ending knee injury that he brought on himself, Daniel Carcillo‘s future with the Blackhawks was up in the air… until today, when the Blackhawks signed him to a two-year contract extension reportedly worth $825K/year.

“I’m the happiest guy in Chicago to hear that I’m coming back for another two years and I just want to thank the organization to make me feel real welcome here,” Carcillo said while joining teammates and management at the annual Blackhawks Alumni Scholarship Luncheon in Oak Brook. “Stan (Bowman) actually just stopped me one morning pretty recently and said, `We wanna re-sign you’ and it got done within a day or two. I was a little surprised at the timing of it, but I’m just really excited to be coming back, to be with this group of guys, and to have another chance to win.”

I really don’t have any feelings on this one way or the other, to be honest. He can be an effective bottom-six guy, but with Q still coaching the team, it’ll be inevitable that he ends up on the top line every so often, which makes me wince a bit just thinking about.

I just hope he doesn’t end his own season again next year.


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