36-0-1: Blackhawks 4, Blues 3 (SO)

Your first star of the game, everybody. (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

After this game went 3-1 in the first, most people gave up the Blackhawks for dead. The Blues had not lost a game when they scored three or more goals, after all.

Ray Emery had given up three goals in five shots (not all of them his fault, but still), so out he went by the start of the second period. Corey Crawford hadn’t played since giving up three goals in the first period on February 29 to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

History repeated itself, as Crawford would save 18 shots on goal as the Blackhawks managed to get their act together in the last two periods.

Did I mention this was probably the best two periods the Blackhawks have played all season? Because they were amazing.

I guess I should mention the fight between Brandon Bollig and Ryan Reaves in the dying seconds of the first period before I go on. While most people thought this fight was dumb, Patrick Kane did say that it helped fire up the team in the last two periods, so… maybe it wasn’t so dumb after all.

Marcus Kruger managed to score using Jaroslav Halak and then Viktor Stalberg‘s skate to cut the Blues’ lead to one goal in the second period.

In the third period, Halak made a huge save on Stalberg to maintain the lead… but then came another power play for the Blackhawks. The Blues had managed to kill 50 consecutive penalties up until that point, including four earlier tonight.

They wouldn’t get to 51, as Brent Seabrook‘s blue line slap shot broke through, tying the game.

There was still hope!

There would be no score in OT, so the Blackhawks went to a shootout for the second consecutive game. Kane scores, no one else does, and the Blackhawks pull off a huge comeback win!

So what if I lost about five years off of my life watching this game? Those years probably would’ve sucked, anyway.

By the way, those numbers in the title? The Blues’ record when scoring three or more goals in a game.


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