Not Pesky Enough: Blackhawks 4, Stars 1

Seabrook and Sharp were awesome tonight. (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

Two shots. 102 seconds.

That’s all it took for the Blackhawks to beat the Dallas Stars tonight. And I like it.

You know, there are some teams that I enjoy the Blackhawks beating more than others. Whenever the Blackhawks beat a team like the Kings, for example, it’s nice to get those two points. But there’s something just more satisfying to the soul when the Blackhawks come out on top of teams like the Stars. Maybe it’s because the Blackhawks didn’t let the Stars’ physical game get to them. Or maybe it’s because I just really hate Steve Ott. Either way, tonight’s game makes me smile.

Anyway, until video of the goals inevitably end up on YouTube, I shall leave you with this video of Carter Hutton, tonight’s designated bench door-opener, along with Ryan Stanton, talking smack about other Rockford IceHogs.


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