Fresh Brew: Seabrook Is Amazing, Flawless, Etc.

Of course he is -- look at this face. (Photo: Bridget Samuels/flickr)

Brent Seabrook has been getting a lot of attention for his play recently. This latest article talks about his “hard-working, lunch-bucket, take-no-prisoners style that Chicagoans can appreciate.” I’m so proud! (CSN Chicago)

Patrick Kane has regained his scoring touch. And how could you not like that, really? (Chicago Tribune)

How to get more hits to your news site: reference “Blackhawks” and “Hunger Game(s)” in the same article. (CSN Chicago)

Nick Leddy is a team’s dream. Hey, Minnesota Wild, remember when the Blackhawks traded you Cam Barker for Leddy and a dead guy? Hahahaha! (CSN Chicago)

And speaking of Leddy, he’s on Twitter now. His username is @ledpipe08.

Ben Smith was named the Rockford IceHogsIOA/American Specialty AHL Man of the Year for “his outstanding contributions to the Rockford community during the 2011-12 season.” Seriously, if you can read the story about Smith and cancer patient¬†Jimmy Newcomer without getting a little choked up, you may need to check to see if your heart hasn’t been replaced with a stone. (

Finally, the video some of you have been waiting for: the IceHogs do not like the Milwaukee Admirals. This bad blood finally boiled over on Sunday with a bench-clearing brawl. Let’s go watch!


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