Live Blog: Blackhawks @ Phoenix Coyotes Game 1

Welcome to the live blog of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Quarterfinals between the Blackhawks and the Phoenix Coyotes.

I’m doing this because it will keep me from passing out during the game. I hope.

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12:00 AM Martin Hanzal wins the game for the Coyotes 3-2. The Coyotes lead the series 1-0. And now, bedtime for me. Hope you enjoyed this live blog despite the outcome.

11:59 PM Note to self: Before I try to live blog again, get sleep and booze.

11:58 PM The Coyotes are coming on strong. There were about three really good consecutive chances for the ‘Yotes.

11:57 PM Oh, God, please just keep it out of your zone, Blackhawks! Shane Doan nearly won it there!

11:55 PM Nice save by Crawford through the screen!

11:54 PM Oh, good, an icing! Time to breathe again!

11:53 PM I don’t want Torres to have anything to do with a game-winning goal unless it’s for you, Blackhawks!

11:52 PM You look great, linesman. Welcome back to the game.

11:51 PM Oh, an offsides whistle. Time to take a deep breath. Sweet, sweet oxygen!

11:49 PM My heart is in my throat right now. Overtime might kill me. RIP Kat. She was a good person.

11:47 PM If my posts become more erratic, it’s because I’m breathing into a paper bag so I don’t pass out and die.

11:46 PM All of this love for Seabrook make my heart swell with pride. That’s my boy!

11:37 PM I kind of want to run around, screaming “IT WORKED! IT WORKED!” but that’d be a little premature.

11:31 PM And we’re going into overtime! It worked! It finally worked!

11:30 PM OH MY GOD! BRENT SEABROOK TAPS IT IN, AND IT’S 2-2 BLACKHAWKS! I might have had to clamp my hands over my mouth to keep from screaming and waking everyone else up.

11:29 PM I’m just going to roll my eyes at this.

11:28 PM I’m going to guess that Q is going to pull Crawford very soon. Like that ever works for the Blackhawks.

11:27 PM It’s nice to see Toews isn’t afraid to get to the net. It’s a good sign, I think.

11:25 PM Remember when the Coyotes sucked because Wayne Gretzky was coaching them? Those were the days, huh?

11:24 PM Shot on goal right off the draw, but Crawford soaks it up. Don’t let them do that again, Blackhawks.

11:23 PM Shaw gets away with a trip. What a pest.

11:22 PM The Blackhawks Training Camp Festival is September 22. Mark your calendars!

11:20 PM And the Coyotes kill that penalty, too. SIGH.

11:19 PM Well, this power play looks better than the other three, but still no score. My everlasting tears.

11:16 PM Keith Yandle highsticks Shaw, and the Blackhawks go on yet another power play. COME ON. SCORE, YOU IDIOTS.

11:15 PM Oh, no, what happened to Kane? …Okay, so, maybe he was just shaken up.

11:12 PM Smith covers yet another attempt, then yet another bit of pushing and shoving in front of the goal.

11:09 PM Are the Coyotes fans really chanting Crawford’s name? This only makes him stronger, fools!

11:08 PM Ekman-Larsson gets a breakaway, but shoots it wide. Shaw tries for it on the other side, but Smith smothers it.

11:07 PM Total clown shoes.

11:04 PM Patrick Kane gets knocked down by Oliver Ekman-Larsson, and the Blackhawks go back on the power play. JUST SCORE, ALREADY.

11:00 PM Whitney was in all alone, but Crawford makes a great save!

10:59 PM Great shift by the Sharp-Kruger-Stalberg line, but the Coyotes get it out.

10:58 PM I’m so exhausted right now. So are the Blackhawks.

10:54 PM If the Blackhawks lose this game tonight, I’m pretty sure Hannah won’t allow me near the site until the series is over. Again.

10:52 PM Oh, are you talking to Mike Kitchen? Let me just — (mutes TV)

10:36 PM A couple of last-second chances by the Blackhawks, but the Coyotes are still ahead 2-1.

10:35 PM And the power play collapses into clown shoes. Awesome.

10:34 PM Great puck movement by the Blackhawks, but Mike Smith makes saves.

10:33 PM The Blackhawks go on their second power play. DECLINE!

10:32 PM Scrum in front of the Coyotes net. Bolland was shoved into the net by Vermette, and he crashes into Smith. who gets understandably pissed off.

10:30 PM Torres centers a pass to Vermette and it’s 2-1 Coyotes. Puke.

10:27 PM And the Blackhawks kill the penalty! Marian Hossa with a huge chance, but Smith makes the save.

10:25 PM Crawford with a huge save on the penalty kill! Duncan Keith tried to clear the puck, but it hit Marcus Kruger in the ass and nearly gave up another goal.

10:24 PM First penalty is over, and Bolland clears the puck right out of the box.

10:22 PM Oh, great, a 5-on-3 for the Coyotes, now that Patrick Sharp gets a delay of game penalty. Barf.

10:21 PM The coyote howl cracks me up. I know people hate it, but it’s better than “Sandstorm.”

10:20 PM I’m so tired that time seems to have slowed down. Should we be in the second intermission by now?

10:18 PM And the Coyotes will get their first power play. Looks like it’ll be Dave Bolland sitting for being a hooker.

10:17 PM Good shift for the Toews-Hossa-Kane line, but great defense by the Coyotes keeps the score tied.

10:15 PM If the Bolland-Bickell-Shaw line doesn’t score, it will be a travesty.

10:13 PM Upon further review, Niklas Hjalmarsson and Sean O’Donnell herped when they should have derped, not allowing Crawford to do his damn job.

10:12 PM WE’LL NEVER GET A SHUTOUT — NOT EVEN IN THE POSTSEASON. Whatever, just regroup, pull your heads out of your behinds, and win this game, Blackhawks!

10:09 PM Good shift by the Coyotes, but Crawford making great stops… and then the Coyotes tie it. Just a matter of time, honestly. Looks like there was a blown too many men on the ice call, too. 1-1 Blackhawks.

10:07 PM Raffi Torres was hit by Brent Seabrook, and then his stuff attempt hit the goal post even though Vermette was wide open. Excellent.

10:05 PM Shaw, you’re so pesky! Breaking up passes, keeping plays alive…

10:03 PM What happened to Vrbata, though, Phoenix?

10:01 PM Can the Blackhawks get the puck out of their own zone? That’d be great.

10:00 PM The Blackhawks were outhit 22-7 in the first period. Like it really matters.

9:58 PM So it seems that Radim Vrbata might be out of the game? Which means not having to watch him score in rage-inducing ways, maybe? Seriously, though, hope he’s okay.

9:56 PM Meanwhile, the Blues and Sharks are going into their second overtime. Dear God.

9:43 PM And we go into the first intermission with the Blackhawks up 1-0.

9:42 PM Eddie O has it right. Shaw needs to buckle down and act more maturely if he wants to keep playing in this game.

9:41 PM Holy shi– what a beauty of a save by Crawford! Stop with the giveaways in your own zone, Blackhawks! And now with a scrum behind the net. Oh, okay.

9:39 PM Crawesome!

9:37 PM You see your teammate not wanting to touch the puck, but you skate right up to it and put it offsides anyway, Stalberg. Heh.


9:35 PM Hey, hey, HEY! Keep your filthy mitts off of my captain, you dirty desert dogs!

9:34 PM Bickell has had more shots on goal tonight than he had the first 40 games of the season, I think.

9:33 PM Ray Whitney frightens me.

9:32 PM Well, at least they’re not letting the puck get out of the… oh, there it goes out of the zone.

9:28 PM The Blackhawks will get the first power play of the game, thanks to Andrew Shaw drawing one. Decline!

9:27 PM Niklas Hjalmarsson destroyed… whoever that was! (It was Rostislav Klesla.)

9:26 PM Thank goodness for Corey Crawford on that play. Ugh, stop turning over the puck!

9:24 PM Are people who are watching the game on NBC Sports Network getting to listen to Pat and Eddie like us folks in Chicago? Please don’t get drunk like usual, Foley.

9:22 PM “Nice stick by Stalberg.” Heh. But, really, it was a nice move by Viktor Stalberg to keep Vermette from scoring. He obviously remembers Vermette was on the Blue Jackets.

9:19 PM Nice save by Mike Smith on Bryan Bickell. Yeah, you have to make sure he can’t see the puck, or else he’ll keep doing that all night.

9:17 PM I forgot Antoine Vermette ended up on the Coyotes. Must’ve been nice to escape from the Blue Jackets and land on a playoff team.

9:15 PM Finally, Google Chrome has loaded! Thankfully, there’s been no score yet, though it’s been a pretty exciting… OH MY GOD. Jonathan Toews scores four minutes into the game! 1-0 Blackhawks.

9:06 PM Aww, look at his stupid hat. It’s such a dumb hat! Hee.

9:04 PM It’s Jonathan Toews! I’ve missed him so muh-huh-huch!

9:03 PM Is Eddie Olczyk growing a playoff goatee? Gross.

9:01 PM (Insert joke about Quebec City here.)

8:58 PM The @NHLBlackhawks Twitter made sure to tweet this out:

He’s back.


3 thoughts on “Live Blog: Blackhawks @ Phoenix Coyotes Game 1

  1. Pat Kirchner

    I totally loved your live blog… kept me laughing through the game – I love the clown shoes… perfect! Well, the Hawks looked like they have some life in them – glad it’s best of 7 series.

    1. Kat Velez Post author

      Thanks! 🙂 I’m glad my attempts to stay awake through the game entertained someone else.

      I just hope it doesn’t go to seven games — it might shave another ten years off of my life.

  2. Kabul Wobul

    Thanks…much fun to relive the game through your eyes and emotion…shared the same feelings and as the games come on at 0630 out here just a little opposite on the sleep needy thing. It WORKED and teh need to scream about it…right there with you if only some 8000 miles away…

    Peace and lets get a nice easy blowout tomorrow/today


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